Project News

Visit in China

Working on the IUCN Red List re-assessment of the Eurasian sturgeon species in Shanghai. Unfortunately the situation has gotten worse: of 19 species in Europe and Asia one species became extinct since the last assessment and five more are on the very brink of being extinct in the wild. Without concerted action now, including a stop of poaching, restoration of habitat and supportive releases it is clear that the next assessment in ten years will be way worse than today.

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Happy to see you again

Our latest monitoring catch, a nice sterlet lady we caught three times in different seasons over the last year in the very same spot. It is nice to see that she recovered well from when we spawned her artificially this April. Also she did not grow a bit over one year, underlining our assumption that she ist an older gal. We also got our first 0+ recapture..exciting times for sure...and field season only just started!

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