Final phase of LIFE Sterlet

The EU project LIFE Sterlet, which has been working since 2016 to strengthen the wild population of the endangered sterlet in the Danube, is coming to an end after a successful six years.
For this reason, we invited to a final event of the project. In addition to the presentation of the project results and the joint release of the last sterlets. We were pleased to welcome Innovation City Councilor Ulli Sima, Head of the Department from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism Günter Liebel, Vice Rector for Finances Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, and the Head of the Department of the City of Vienna - Vienna Waters (MA 45) Gerald Loew.
In the course of this event, the current LIFE Sterlet documentation was also presented.
You can find the documentary on our YouTube channel LIFE Sterlet:

In six years, we were able to release more than 235.000 juvenile sterlets to the Danube, monitor migration patterns and population development and make the sturgeons visible to thousands of people through tours, media and events. Together with all partners and stakeholders the LIFE-Sterlet project was a huge leap for sturgeon conservation in the Danube River Basin.

Pictures(c) PID-Fürthner

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